Christian Worldview Scholarship

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Christian Worldview Scholarship

Flexibility in Assisting More Students

Since America is facing a liberal, hostile threat to Christian Institutions, we have decided to take steps to be prepared in the event Pell Grants and other Federal Aid are cut off as options for our students.

Traditional scholarships are very restrictive, when the reality is that some “ministerial students” go off in other directions and some “casual students” become full time workers in God’s Vineyard. We at the School would like more flexibility to help our students in ways which we deem a better fit. This will accomplish such a task.

GBSC has a vision for providing access to education that promotes a Christian worldview.

This scholarship consists of two initiatives:

  1. education access for undergraduate students and
  2. the preparation of academic leaders in non-theological disciplines.
Education Access Initiative
Option 1Christian Worldview Scholarship
(Funding for one year)
Option 2Christian Worldview Scholarship Endowment
(covers first year 2023-forward)
Option 3Christian Worldview Scholarship Endowment
(covers four years 2023-forward)
Academic and Theological Leadership Initiative
Option 1Academic Leaders Christian Worldview Scholarship
(1 Individual)
Option 2Academic Leaders Christian Worldview Scholarship
(10 Individuals)
Option 3Academic Leaders Christian Worldview Scholarship Endowment$1,000,000