Sponsor Program

What is the Sponsor Program

Be marketed at major events all year long!

As a sponsor, your business will be shared with thousands of our alumni, students and friends through print, digital and social media throughout the year.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Your sponsorship indicates strong confidence in our students, mission and ability to make a difference.

Sponsored events

October 13–14, 2023

Christmas Program*
December 8–10, 2023

Basketball/Volleyball Tournament*
February 8–9, 2024

Alumni Reception*
April 2024

VIP Days on Campus*
April 25–26, 2024

Graduate breakfast
May 2024

Hilltop Piano Institute (HPI)
May 27–31, 2024

*Indicates Signature Event

Sponsor Levels

Slots are limited. Choose yours while it’s available!


Have questions? Want to create a payment plan? Contact us to create a sponsorship that works for you.

Meet Our 2023-34 Sponsors

Thanks to all our sponsors for helping make campus events possible!




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